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Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery Weekend ‘Murder at Pokeingham Hall’ England, 1952. Join the residents of sleepy Pokeingham-Softly-on-the-Wold as they gather for the funeral of Lord Pokeingham. The contents of his Will are revealed and contain several surprises. Local sleuth and mystery writer Miss Mapletree is called upon to help solve a tricky riddle and piece together events Read more about Murder Mystery[…]

Florida Super 2 Bedroom

Florida Super 2 Bedroom Awarded the English Tourist Board’s top Rose Award for excellence. The Florida Supers are a more spacious alternative to the Florida. With a larger living area and large spacious master bedroom. They have a family bathroom with spacious shower. Kitchens have full size cookers, microwave ovens, fridges, gas fires and 37″ TV Read more about Florida Super 2 Bedroom[…]

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